Monday, May 24, 2010

Cancer's Curse

November, 2008 we received the news from a caring physician.  Our father had lung cancer.  The prognosis overwhlemed us.  Maybe he'd have five years.  They removed the infected lobe of his lung.  Then declared, "We got it all."  Our emotions swang violently away from despair toward hope and relief.  May 21, 2010 another physician informed us that dad's lung cancer is now in his brain.  How can this be?

The latest prognosis is a one in four chance of survival.  To the doctors, survival means around five years.  To me, this prognosis means my father has Cancer's Curse.  It can dash your hopes.  Then when you think you've got it beat, it just lies there waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting victim.  What can be done?  As a field mouse scurring around taking care of the chores of the day until the screech owl swooped down to snatch the unaware mouse, so are we in Cancer's Grip.

Dad will be cured.  Cancer may have the final word on this earth but that will not be the end.  Jesus will cancel Cancer's Curse on the other side of death in a land where we will never grow old and death's stinger is dislodged.  Until then, we will face Cancer's Curse with Christlike compassion and faith.